Just Like the Radio-2018    
Ronnie Bush (Lead Singer/Songwriter, Lead/Rhythm/Slide Guitar & Drums) Phil Westfall (Bass, Back-up Vocals, Recordings) Kyle Gorman (Back-up Vocals & Audio Engineer) Rhonda Bush (Editor) Billy Ray Connors (Backup Vocals) Jack McHenry (Slide Guitar) and Tanya Bush (Back-up Vocals) Silver Sound Studios (studio) - Kyle Gorman - Audio Engineer and album art.   

Dec 2020 to Present  - Singles plus the Album: Country Rock n' Blues-2022 
Ronnie Bush (Singer/Songwriter, Guitar & Drums) Jack McHenry (Guitar & Vocals)  Tony Scornavacco (Drums & Vocals)   Patrick Arion (Bass) Kelly Hagerman (Guitar & Vocals) Eric Madrid (Guitar & Vocals) Michelle Mitchell (Back-up Vocals, Vocals, & Piano) - Dan Mitchell (Bass & Back-up Vocals) Kyle Gorman (Drums)  Todd Miller (Bass/Keys) Billy Ray Connors (Back-Up Vocals) Dan & Michelle Mitchell (Back-up Vocals) Rhonda Bush (Keys & Synthesizer) Sky Baugher (Bass)  Inna Lagonska-Album Artwork (Colorado Hearts & Ride On). 

Special Thanks  

Enharmonic Studios:     
Eric Madrid - Audio Engineer.  

Album Art:   Rhonda Bush 

Below is the link for the studio we use

Enharmonic Studios (Eric Madrid)

Silver Moon Riders played at our event @TheBroadmoor in Colorado Springs. We were an audience made up of people from NYC, Long Island, New Mexico and Oklahoma. The band was awesome! All our attendees told me how much they enjoyed the music! I definitely recommend them for your event as well!” - John Contrubis, Executive Director, NYC SMACNA