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Just Like the Radio-2018    
Ronnie Bush (Lead Singer/Songwriter, Lead/Rhythm/Slide Guitar & Drums) Phil Westfall (Bass, Back-up Vocals, Recordings) Kyle Gorman (Back-up Vocals & Audio Engineer) Rhonda Bush (Editor) Billy Ray Connors (Backup Vocals) Jack McHenry (Slide Guitar) and Tanya Bush (Back-up Vocals) Silver Sound Studios (studio) - Kyle Gorman - Audio Engineer and album art.   

Dec 2020 to Present  - Singles plus the Album: Country Rock n' Blues-2022 
Ronnie Bush (Singer/Songwriter, Guitar & Drums) Jack McHenry (Guitar & Vocals)  Tony Scornavacco (Drums & Vocals)   Patrick Arion (Bass) Kelly Hagerman (Guitar & Vocals) Eric Madrid (Guitar & Vocals) Michelle Mitchell (Back-up Vocals, Vocals, & Piano) - Dan Mitchell (Bass & Back-up Vocals) Kyle Gorman (Drums)  Todd Miller (Bass/Keys) Billy Ray Connors (Back-Up Vocals) Dan & Michelle Mitchell (Back-up Vocals) Rhonda Bush (Keys and Synthesizer) Sky Baugher (Bass)  Inna Lagonska-Artwork (Colorado Hearts & Ride On). 

Special Thanks  

Enharmonic Studios:     
Eric Madrid - Audio Engineer.  

Album Art:   Rhonda Bush 

Below is a link for the studio we use

Enharmonic Studios (Eric Madrid)